Déco Stop is an online store offering trendy and quality home interior products at an accessible price.

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People are looking for tasteful quality products for their home but not all can afford the high end designer products on the market nor do they want to settle for cheaper items that are poorly designed and poor quality.

Déco Stop seeks to give it’s user the quality designer shopping experience at a price they can afford.

My Role

Branding identity,
UX / UI,
Mockup Design

Tools Used

Research & Challenges

In order to create the best shopping experience, I studied the websites of popular Interior decoration stores to better understand their strengths and weaknesses. What I noticed was a pattern of cluttered browsing menus and awkward checkout processes with excessive steps and/or modal windows. Some of the websites required the creation of a store account before checking out. A process which could discourage users to proceed with their purchase.

How could I create a shopping experience that was smooth and easy to navigate?


“Remove the last accessory you put on, before leaving the house” - Chanel

My solution was to strip down any excess content, windows or steps in the shopping experience. I needed to create a clean, aesthetically pleasing interface that was intuitive and enjoyable to use.

I also did not want users to feel pressured into creating an account or discouraged from completing their purchase because of it, so concluded it would be best to have a “guest checkout” feature while keeping the option available to create an account for those who wished to store their information. I wanted to keep this process simple though and incorporated the “create account” option into the checkout process so customers did not need to input their information twice.


Some initial rough sketches for the checkout process.

Item Page

Purchase as returning or guest customer option

Easy “Create account” checkbox for new customers

Cleaner b/w wireframes using Balsamiq

“Quick Shop” modal view so customer can quickly gather additional information about an item without leaving their current shopping view.


To convey elegance and simplicity I chose a color palette in muted blues, teal and beige with a pop of red to use on actions that need to catch the customer’s eye.

The muted color palette shows the quality and sophistication of the product as opposed to gaudy colors which would convey a cheap and easy look. The blue and teal shades convey calm and tranquility, thus creating a fuss free and relaxing shopping experience.

The logo is bold and straightforward. It is easy to read and easily recognizable without being in your face.

Final Design

The main marketing page makes use of a playful handwritten style font and hand drawn doodles. In addition to having an elegant and clean design, I want to convey a playful element and tone down any seriousness. This combines the idea of “good quality” and “affordable”.

I also included a way for users to share their purchase experience via social media (Instagram). What better way to connect to an online generation and make your product known!


I conducted tests both on ‘Usability Hub’ and ‘Peek User testing’ to test out flow and usability.

I created a navigation test for the checkout process and got a success rate ranging from 78%-100% per page. The average duration of the test was 60.1 seconds to complete the whole purchase process. I was very satisfied with these results as it showed users had little difficulty navigating the website and understanding the checkout process.

With the initial mockup completed I also created a test on ‘Peek ‘ and got valuable feedback thanks to recorded user testing of the Déco mockup site.

Testers generally appreciated the clean, minimalist design and layout of the website as well as the simple and straightforward navigation. A suggestion was made to include shipping delivery options and also a feature to get an estimate on shipping cost based on location. Based on the feedback received, I was able to make some tweaks and implement changes to my design layout in order to improve the user experience.

Final Thoughts

Working on Déco Stop was a lot of fun for me. I thrived at being able to design something elegant, clean and minimalistic that really felt true to my personal aesthetic but also learned to listen to user needs thanks to feedback from both peers and anonymous testers throughout every stage of the process. I valued all comments and suggestions made and took them into account while creating Déco Stop. I am very happy with the final result!