FoxBox is a SaaS web application that lets users save and share notes, images and links.

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More and more, people are storing and sharing information online but not many resources exist for doing so in an easy, organized matter. Foxbox seeks to find the best way to combine notes, links, and images together while also allowing for a fuss free way of sharing that content with others.

My Role

Branding identity,
UX / UI,
Mockup Design

Tools Used


Before designing FoxBox, I wanted to understand what people were looking for in a file storing application, but also their frustrations and if/ what they were currently using to store their content.

Research conducted through surveys and interviews showed that many were unfamiliar with most applications available and relying heavily on web bookmarking, file downloading and handwritten notes etc. and those who were using applications were frustrated with the poor accessibility and cluttered navigation, among other issues.

I also completed a competitive analysis with three (Google Drive, DropBox, Box) other competitors to assess potential strengths and weaknesses for FoxBox. I established that FoxBox is the only app to allow for “link” storage as the other apps only store documents. Other apps also felt a little busy and hard to navigate, and sometimes contained excessive tabs (Dropbox for example) that felt unnecessary. The FoxBox “box” feature allows for clearer navigation.

I also saw opportunity to take the app further by reaching out to a niche market and either aim at millenials, who are the most connected online, yet very unfamiliar with sharing apps and lacking with relevant options OR be oriented towards bloggers and other entrepreneurs to give them an organized platform to store and organize their work.


Though platforms exist for storing information both online and off (hello lost written notes and endless paper folders!), none appeared to offer a place to not only store links, images or documents alone but combine them in one place for easy access. This can create multiple problems, such as the few below:

All these issues and many others cause frustration for the users which is where Foxbox comes to play.

My solution?
Create a platform that allows user to save any kind of content all in one place with the ability to group items by item type (note/image/link) or by a category (boxes), created by the user. The user then has the ability to share that content with other users, either by granting them access to specific items or boxes, or by email.

I started by etching out a simple sitemap of what the FoxBox platform might look like. I wanted something simple with few actions so the user could immediately identify what they wanted to do.

B&W Wireframes

Next, I created a first set of low fidelity wireframes in Balsamiq and then proceeded to high fidelity wireframes in Illustrator. I designed the layout with minimal “clicks” in mind and with clear visibility of posted items.


Final Design

Video background

Final Thoughts

With Foxbox, I wanted to create a simple, clean tool that users could easily navigate and use to combine all file types in one place.

It was a lot of fun thinking of an aesthetic, streamlined app that would appeal to a large group of people, while addressing a growing need for digital storage. I believe FoxBox is a perfect asset for Millenials, new or experienced in the work world, who need a convenient tool for both personal and professional use.

Foxbox is especially ideal for entrepreneurs who need an efficient tool for collaborating at an affordable cost.